“I am please to recommend Brad Parsanko. I have worked closely with Brad for the past year since coming to HCA,
and I am very impressed with his work. He has worked very hard to understand each of our individual practices,
and has provided valuable research and insight. I have been impressed with Brad’s enthusiasm for the job. He
has built
strong relationships with the staff, and has shown extraordinary customer service skills. Brad would be
an asset to any
team that is fortunate enough to have him.”

Carol Rogers, Area Manager – Hospital Corporation of America

“Brad, you have helped me tremendously as my leadership coach. The time I spend with you
helps me find direction and clarity that translates onto the track. Thank you for your support.”

Chris Heroy, NASCAR Crew Chief

“Brad, I am so grateful for your wisdom and wise counsel. You have amazing insights into me and
my behavior that I couldn’t see without your help. But I am learning – thanks to you. Thank you for
inviting me to think about life in a completely different way – to step outside of patterns and habits
that have dis-served me all my life. I am excited about the possibilities that have been revealed to
me through my work with you.”

Robert Dulin, CRS, CLHMS – Keller Williams Luxury Homes

“Brad, you put in work that no one before you had and you made me feel like I was important to,
and a part of, a family with this company. Because of you, we have grown. Thank you from the bottom
of my heart for all that you did for me and the rest of the crew.”

Jared Canup, Corporate Manager

“You are adding immeasurable value. I am very confident in the direction we are heading. Thank you.”

Taylor Hayden, Owner of Blackstone Shooting Sports